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        Trade clauses

        Being our member, as you accept the products ordering and delivery, you shall have the obligation to the following terms of the transaction. Before you place the order or accept the delivery, please carefully read the following terms:

        • 1.The product price is subject to the confirmed price of our sales personnel.
        • 2.Please exactly and clearly fill in your real name, delivery address and contact method. Our company will assume no responsibility for orders delayed or not be delivered caused by the following cases:

        A. Customer provides error message or not detailed address;
        B. Due to no one signed a receipt for the delivered products, the cost and related consequence resulting from repeat distribution arising therefrom.
        C. Force Majeure: natural disaster, traffic martial or sudden war.

        • Security:whether you order products over the telephone or in internet, we can ensure the security of trade information, and our authorized employees will process your order.
        • Privacy:in any situation, we shall not sell or disclose your personal information and order information to any third party (except for the requesting of state judicial organs), all customer information obtained from the website or the telephone are only used for processing your relevant order.
        • Exemption:we will assist to deal with problems arising possibly as reasonably as possible, and try our best to prevent customer from economic loss for online trading unable to complete or related information and record is missing because of collapse of sales system or sales system being unable to use in consequence of any force majeure incidents or other reasons beyond our control.
        • Member supervision:we hope to provide our member best service with our great efforts, and we are willing to accept the supervision of member in the whole course of service.
        • Dispute solution: in the event of any dispute, the Parties shall resolve such dispute in accordance with the agreement determined by two parties and relevant laws.


        • We guarantee the outer package of products in good shape when it left our factory. Please have careful spot check whether the invoice and product is consistent with the delivery note on receipt of products, if the product is lacked or damaged, please contact our customer service department as the delivery personnel is still on the spot; If the postal packaging is damaged, or the product is damaged in the course of the transport, please point out on the spot and refuse taking delivery, and call our customer care hotline, if you or others have signed on receipt, the outer package, quantity and content of commodity will be deemed to be correct, and we won’t process.


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