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        How to shop

        Member login—>Product center for browsing products—>Put the products into the shopping cart—>Fill in the consignee information—>Method of paymen—>Confirmation of submitting—>Final confirmation of sale—>Payment—>Delivery—>Finish!

        1.Member login
        A、Registered member can directly login and purchase the products.
        B、Free registration for new users, new users need to fill in related information following the steps and click to “registration” finally, it will be suggested that “successful registration, please be patient and wait for the auditing of administrator.” We will give corresponding authority according to each user’s situation and inform by e-mail.

        2.Products center for browsing products
        Entering the website, you can brows the products according to the products classification of website and choose you want. If you have any questions want to consult when you are browsing, you can click to “online communication” to consult by online QQ or MSN.

        3.Put the products into the shopping cart
        Entering the products details pages, all products have specification or remarks, and you can input purchase quantity at the corresponding input box after you determined the specification and model.

        4.Fill in the consignee information
        Please fill in detailed delivery information before you submit the order, to ensure the timely receiving of products.

        5.Method of payment
        You can select the method of payment according to circumstances.

        6.confirmation of submitting
        Having final confirmation of the order.

        7.Final confirmation of sale
        Due to the particularity of the product, after the submitting of order, our sales personnel will have timely tracking, communication and confirmation for the amount and other cases of order.

        You need remit money according to the final confirmed amount of our sales personnel. Please be sure to notify us the remittance in time after you remitted. You can acknowledge the remitting amount, bank and time by e-mail or telephone.

        We will deliver the products according to the final confirmed delivery model.


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